The LAC Africa Business Summit is a platform to generate responsible and sustainable investment and cooperation between Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. It is the second event of its kind for both continents and the first time it is being held in Latin America.

The primary objectives of the LAC Africa Business Summit are to:

  • Facilitate and guarantee business between like-minded companies with shared values and principles
  • Facilitate and guarantee public private partnerships
  • Enhance the understanding of culture and business culture practices in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa
  • Contribute to the transformation of a low income community through the LAC Africa Foundation
  • Provide opportunities to contribute to the transformation of South – South relations through the LAC Africa Leadership Program

The Summit brings together business leaders, investors, government entities, diplomatic missions, financial institutions, legislators, chambers of commerce, associations and renowned personalities from Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa. The Summit participants conduct businesses in over fifteen countries on each continent.

The LAC Africa Ltd structure, with offices in Nairobi, Kenya and in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is designed to facilitate the successful implementation of business that arises from the Summit. Our carefully cultivated and extended networks across Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa encourage and allow for business to occur even prior to the Summit.

The Summit format of match-made Business to Business, Business to Government and Government to Government meetings complemented by round tables, plenary, panel sessions and site visits then ensures and secures concrete business long-term investment partnerships with high-level impact.

Sponsoring the LAC Africa Business Summit gives your organization visibility and access to business in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean prior to and during the Summit. Your company is also guaranteed direct access to the LAC Africa Ltd networks structure and services to ensure that your business venture succeeds with on-the-ground expertise and support, simultaneously contributing to the vision of mutually beneficial South-South collaboration.