Rodrigo Mora

CEO, Head of the Overseas Sales and Marketing Division at Ultegra SAS, Kassatex Inc

Panelist: Manufacturing

“Rodrigo Mora is the Head of the Overseas Sales and Marketing Division at Kassatex Inc, based in New York City,, one of the leading high end home textile and accessories companies in USA.

Also as CEO of ULTEGRA SAS, Mr Mora has created a Social Sensible Consulting Team, that aims to help communities by Adding Value to their manufactures.

Born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1962, after receiving a degree in Law and Social Economic Studies, and a Major in Marketing, Rodrigo has linked his professional activities with the Textile Industry ever since. Because most of the Textile Industry in Colombia has a vertical integration, it has been an important opportunity to understand and master the relationship between investment in working capital, labor and innovation in an ever changing economic segment.

By 2000, Rodrigo joined the international division at Kassatex, today it has a global presence in the most renowned department stores. Success in this task is due to the fact the we have understood the importance of creating a Lifestyle concept for different market segments. Social media has allowed people in every corner of the globe to have equal access to actual trends.

Today’s consumer is paying a lot of attention to Social Conscience issues, such as sharing with populations in need, seeking identities, creating welfare through each purchase, but still demanding well made products, easy to use, easy to take care of, and of course with an important touch of personalisation.

There is a growing group of consumers that are ready to pay a premium for well made products, nicely designed, but most important: including a Social Promise. ULTEGRA helps communities reach this goal.”