Hanna Tsegaye

Panelist: Business Developer

I am Hanna Tsegaye, an American national and business developer with years of global experience in the United States, China, and Africa. I am embarking on an exciting new venture in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Under federal grant and in conjunction with private investment partners, I will be developing a five thousand (5,000) square meter tract of land within the one of Addis Ababa’s newly established industrial zones. Upon this land, I will be building a flexible- and multi- use facility suitable for the manufacture and distribution of a variety of consumer products, including: pharmaceuticals; health, beauty and wellness, and; cosmetics and related products.

By leveraging the combined domestic market knowledge of my partners and myself, as well as the well-identified market need for high-quality consumer wellness products in the marketplace, this venture has the financial strength, scale and scope, and brand-recognition potential to alter the consumer wellness product segment in Ethiopia and beyond into the East African region.

I am seeking knowledge exchange and transfer, manufacture consultation or partnership, or other mutually beneficial arrangement with an established US or European-based manufacturer of health and wellness products who shares our vision of dominating the health and wellness sector in East Africa by providing the highest quality products at a fair, widely-attainable, price.