Delroy Howell

CEO at Roth Capital, Tomae Ltd

Panelist: Opening Plenary, Finance and Investment in Latin America and the caribbean, Public-Private Partnerships Roundtable

Delroy is the Founder, Chairman & CEO for the First Financial International Group of Companies. Included in the group of companies are First Financial Caribbean Limited and First Financial Caribbean (Jamaica) Limited, First Financial Insurance Brokers Limited (QuikCare Insurance Broker) and Pasadora Medical Services Limited (Windward Pharmacy). QuikCash Money Transfer, formerly a part of First Financial Caribbean Limited, under Mr. Howell’s headship as Chairman & CEO, accounted for US$1Billion in remittance to the Caribbean.

Delroy is the former Chairman of the United Democratic Party (UDP), the ruling party in the Cayman Islands between 2008 and 2012. He has also served as a Director of the Private Consultative Committee that advised the Government of the Cayman Islands on strategic issues that affected the country and in 2001 the Grand Court appointed him to serve as a Notary Public in the Cayman Islands.

Mr. Howell is the current Chairman & CEO of Ocean Chimo Limited, the company that owned and operated
the Hilton rebranded Wyndham Kingston Hotel. He is the founder and Deputy Chairman of Roth Capital, an equity and property investment firm based in Jamaica. He also formed Tomae in 2008 to address a number of major concerns relating to issues such as Climate change. Delroy is a philanthropist at heart and in practice.