Bernardo Scotti

Director at Moon Sports Travel

Panelist Tourism and Hospitality

“Moon Sports was established in 1990 to develop snow ski packages for young people within Argentina.
In 2003 Moon Travel & Sports started to specialise in overseas sport tours, especially for rugby teams. They now focus on in-bound and out-bound sport tours for all amateur sports .
Their market is rugby 70 %, female turf hockey 10% , football 10% , and others disciplines the other 10% (suringf, tennis, biking, etc).

Every year they organize tours for at least three sports for an average of 50/60 people per group, and an average of 13/15 groups per year. Annually, between 650/900 people travel with Moon Sports.

The main current destinations are South Africa ( 80% of the total) and New Zealand and also Europe and the USA, but not with the same volumes. They are keen to the open new market destinations in Africa and the Caribbean and to develop a mix of sport and cultural interaction.

They are also interested in offering Argentina as a destinations to every sports team from Africa and the Caribbean. “