The LAC Africa Business Summit is the flagship event of LAC Africa Ltd, the pioneer platform for investment and commercial and cultural cooperation between Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Summit’s goal is to be the world’s most trusted and renowned platform for generating and facilitating investment and commercial cooperation between Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean at private sector and governmental level and for successful follow-up on site beyond the event, thereby generating concrete results for cooperation between the two continents.

The structure of Business to Business, Business to Government and Government to Government sessions, complemented by panel discussions, breakout sessions and site visits generate concrete opportunities for long term investment partnerships and high level policy exchange and influence.

The primary objectives of the LAC Africa Business Summit are to:

  • Facilitate and guarantee business between like-minded companies with shared values and principles
  • Facilitate and guarantee public private partnerships
  • Enhance the understanding of culture and business culture practices in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa
  • Contribute to the transformation of a low income community through the LAC Africa Foundation

The first LAC Africa Business Summit held in Nairobi, Kenya in November 2016. H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta at the inaugural Summit said, “If we have synergy in both regions, then we can also enhance our capacity through partnerships.” He called for increased trade between Kenya and Africa and the Latin America and Caribbean regions, stating that it is through trade that the South to South cooperation would be more beneficial to the citizens of the member states.

The second LAC Africa Business Summit is to be held in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina from 3 – 5 October 2017 in partnership with the Government of Santa Fe at the prestigious Rosario Stock Exchange.

The thematic areas which are relevant to both continents and that comprise the Program for the 2017 Summit are Agribusiness and Food Processing, Tourism and Hospitality, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, ICT, Women’s Entrepreneurship, Regulation and Business Legislation, Sustainable and Inclusive Business, Public Private Partnerships and Finance and Investment.

The Summit attracts business leaders and investors, government entities, diplomatic missions, financial institutions, legislators, chambers of commerce and associations and renowned personalities from over 20 countries in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

10% of all earnings generated from the Summit and resulting projects managed by LAC Africa Ltd go towards the LAC Africa Foundation.